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Friday, April 02, 2010

Phun Phriday! #8 - Motion Blur

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Some of you like these motion blur photos and some of you don't. I have seen some that I love so I continue to try to get some great ones. Of course in the process I've taken a lot that were a waste of perfectly good pixels. Of the few dozen I've taken so far this is probably my favorite. Note that I said of the ones "I" have taken. I've seen others that I really like and want to get more like those.

Remember!!! PHUN PHRIDAY! is about having Phun with Photography. It's about trying new things and learning and stretching and getting outside the box. Try it you may like it.

Please share your Phun with Photography with the rest of us by leaving a link to your Phun Photos with your comment.

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Sandra said...

I like it

Barefoot from Heaven said...

Hi there Scott, I've missed out on so much wonderful shots here. I'm gladd to be back and try to catch up. So I'll go backwords.

Love this one. Hope though the snow is gone by now at your place?

Jessica said...

I really love this one. A recent beautiful motion blur shot I saw was on the Pioneer Woman's blog, in one of the 'Green' photo posts. This one reminds me of it.

Anyway, keep up with the blur! You're definitely improving.

Don said...

I like it too. Keep experimenting!

Karen said...

I agree that some motion shots are eye catching and others, not so much. I love this shot Scott, love the direction and amount of blur. Makes this very artistic and interesting.

Chad said...

Scott...looks like you've got motion blur down to a science.Love the picture and keep more coming.

HARE said...

This picture looks painting. I like it.

Rick said...

Great one Scott! Looks like the wind was howling about 3 feet off the ground :) Maybe this could be combined with some phun: go out drinking (lots) the night before and when you have the shakes next morning, grab the camera and take a bunch of shots ;)

Addicted to The Click said...

I gotta say ... I'm not a huge fan of blurs. I like them much better when there is more definition among the blur - like you have here. I do like this one!! You do inspire me. I might have to try this!

Hilda R.B said...

I like the painting look. Very good.

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