Thursday, December 08, 2011

Easy Canvas Prints and Me

Sorry to interrupt my Christmas season theme but maybe you've been thinking about giving someone you love a canvas print (even if it's yourself).  If so, you may want to read this.

This is what I came home to after running some errands this morning.  I knew what it was and so I was excited.  Of course I quickly took it inside to open it up and see how it looked.  Just so you know, there was a large piece of protective cardboard in front of the print that I have removed and the print was wrapped in plastic for further protection.

For some time I had thought about and discussed with my wife the idea of a Canvas print of one of my photos and she had really encouraged me to get some done.  As circumstances happen I had received an offer shortly before we left on our trip to New England from a company called Easy Canvas Prints.  The offer was simple - If I would post a review of my canvas print experience on my blog they would give me a free canvas print.  Because I had never done any advertising or a review for services on my blog before it took me a while to talk myself into it, but finally I contacted them and told them that I would accept their offer with the provision that they knew I would be totally honest and thorough in my review.  They said that is exactly what they wanted and so here we are.

I am very glad I did take them up on their offer because now I have a beautiful Canvas Print hanging on my wall.  The free offer was for an 8 X 10 or an 11 X 14, whichever I wanted, I chose to upgrade to a 16 X 20 which cost me an extra $20.54.  Shipping was free. 

Was the whole process perfect and easy?  Pretty close but not 100%.  The problem seems to be that Easy Canvas Prints expects only landscape (horizontal) oriented photos, and though I have looked and looked I can not find a way to tell them I wanted mine to be Portrait (vertical) orientation.  When I first uploaded my image it showed it to me cropped down so that much of the top and some of the foreground was removed.  The only way I found to resolve this was to go back into my photo editing program and rotate the image so that when viewed it looked like it was laying on it's side.  I then uploaded it to them again and it came out just the way I wanted.  Is that a huge deal??? No, not for me because I know how to do it, but I wonder if someone who is not comfortable with any kind of editing program might be stumped and even give up.

Approximately 32 or so years ago I was attending an Intermountain Professional Photographers Association (IPPA) convention at which we had received wonderful portrait training from internationally renowned photographer Sherman Hines and I had bought one of his prints which I had him autograph. 

I framed it and have had it hanging on various walls in my homes or offices, as it is shown here, for the past 32 + years.  I've always hoped I could create an image of my own making that I would enjoy as much - or even more - than Mr. Hines' print.

I can now say that thanks to EasyCanvasPrints.Com  I finally have my own 16 X 20 canvas print, which I will reveal in tomorrow's post, hanging in the place of honor in my office. 

I have not price shopped canvas prints too much, but from what I have seen, when Easy Canvas Prints has a sale or promotion their prices seem very competitive.  I have looked at a few canvas prints from photographs at retail stores and the canvas wrapping and the print quality from Easy Canvas Prints appears to be as good as any I've seen, and other than the little issue I mentioned above, which is not an issue at all if you are getting a landscape (horizontal) oriented photo, the ordering process was as quick and easy as you could possibly ask for.  

Next time I need a canvas print of one of my photos, whether scenic or family portrait, I will not hesitate to consider for my order.

Click here to see the photograph along with how it looks hanging on my wall.

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Lisa RedWillow said...

I cant wait to see them. !!! Interesting.

These Nine Acres said...

I also was offered the same thing but never took advantage of it. Glad to hear it was a success!

Eaton Bennett said...

How exciting!

How on earth did you choose one photo of many, that's seems like the
impossible task.

Be back tomorrow to for the viewing. :))

missing moments said...

I too was offered but wasn't sure I wanted to use their ad on my site for however many months they said. I'm glad you did and I may take them up on it since you have had a great experience!
Looking forward to the unveiling!

黄清华 Wong Ching Wah said...

Good idea, I may just try that after if I could get some good images !!!

emilly said...

nice informative post
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