Wednesday, March 07, 2012


Click on photo to view enlarged.
I don't know for sure why I'm infatuated with small empty boats, but I am.  Probably because since I live in a desert I see very few of them.  Here is another attempt at making a photo a little more like art through the magic of textures.

Below is the original SOOC shot.

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SD ~ Dawning Inspiration said...

Nice shot - there's just something about empty boats - and the stories that they must hold...

Sandra said...

fantastic flotilla

Stephanie said...

Really nice one!

Rick said...

I agree about the feelings empty boats can evoke. Love the reflections here too.

Been really busy with company lately, and more coming tomorrow - but found a few moments to visit some favorite blogs. Wonderful Sunset Sunday shot last week, and also the lonesome boat one. I like your experimentation with textures.

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