Tuesday, May 22, 2012

To the Beach

To the Beach by Just Used Pixels

To the Beach, a photo by Just Used Pixels on Flickr.
There are still a number of photos from my trip to New England that I like but have not posted yet. Even though this seems a little old now, this is a timeless image.

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Sandra said...

i love beaches, all beaches and would love to see this one. beautiful in black and white

Stephanie said...

Lovely beach scene, especially well done in black and white!

Rick said...

Spent some time here Scott going back to early May and enjoying your wonderful photography. Too many to comment on but time well wasted !

George said...

A photo this wonderful is never too old.

Laura~Pretty Pix said...

It's a wonderful capture, Scott. I love the shadow play.

darlin said...

Scott this is a quaint fence leading up to the beach, I've ever only seen these types of fences in the movies. There's none at the beaches near Adelaide which I've spotted, and I've covered a lot of the beaches! Great job, I like the B&W.

Ola said...

lovely, like in a summer dream!

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Carolyn Ford said...

my favorite beach scenes! truly a beauty!

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