Sunday, June 24, 2012

Sunset Sunday - 117

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Sorry I missed Sunset Sunday last week, but as you know I was out of town to my brother's funeral and just didn't get a chance. As it happens last Sunday was also Fathers' Day and my birthday. It's a bit late now, but I hope all you dads and your dads had a wonderful Fathers' Day. Mine was spent with distant family and what could be better than that.

Today's Sunset Sunday posting was taken at the tail end of that critical "Blue Hour" after the sun sets.  There is also a Blue Hour before the sun rises. The length of the Blue Hour is rarely an hour and varies according to where you are on the earth and the time of year. If you are interested in more information on that or where you can find out what your Blue Hour is let me know.  Or of course you can always just Google it.

 We'd love to have you join in with your own sunset or sunrise photo for Sunset Sunday.  It doesn't matter when you took the photo so join us every week.  If you have one to share post a link  to it in your comment, (click here to learn how) or just tell us it's there and we'll click on your name to find it.

OBTW, if you do post something for Sunset Sunday it would put a big smile on my face if you added a link to this blog in your post. Thanks!

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Sandra said...

this one could be named God's Window, I keep waiting to see him peeking out of it. just beautiful. i see the blue at sunrise from our back yard but we have to many trees

Denise said...


黄清华 Wong Ching Wah said...

Excellent drama !

Doug Hickok said...

Wow, brilliant color and mood. This is a very different kind of sunset, full of dramatic portent.

Stephanie said...

Beautiful and belated birthday wishes to you!

T. Becque said...

Beautiful Scott. I never heard of the blue hour before and I love the result of it!

Sandy K. said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your brother - your photo actually captures a window to heaven that could not be accidental:). Happy belated birthday, as well. Life is full of celebrations, of one kind or another, eh?

darlin said...

Welcome back Scott, once again my condolences.

Also, a bit late but better late than never, wishing you a Happy Belated Birthday.

I've never even heard of the Blue Hour, that's sure interesting, I'm going to google it to find out more. Excellent photo!

I'm participating this week, you can find my sunset shot(s) here.

Rick said...

First off, my (belated) condolences on your brother's passing. May he rest in eternal peace.

I again enjoyed catching up on your superb shots, Scott. This one is quite a departure for your sunsets, but lovely and dramatic.

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

You were missed, Scott, but understandably so family comes first and sorry it was a sad time for you and your family. Belated birthday and father's day wishes. I agree with Sandra's comment as this photo seemed especially timely now.

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