Sunday, August 19, 2012

Sunset Sunday - -125

Click on photo to view enlarged.
We'd love to have you join in with your own sunset or sunrise photo for Sunset Sunday.  It doesn't matter when you took the photo so join us every week.  If you have one to share post a link  to it in your comment, (click here to learn how) or just tell us it's there and we'll click on your name to find it.

OBTW, if you do post something for Sunset Sunday it would put a big smile on my face if you added a link to this blog in your post. Thanks!

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Karin M. said...

A very nice perspective for this wonderful sky.
Love greetings, Karin

George said...

I love the color of the sky and the silhouettes in the foreground.

Ola said...

good use of the plants on this shot

życie & podróże

Saun said...

Love it great shot!!

Juliana said...

Great picture!...
those shadows are superb!.
xoxo, Juliana

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