Friday, October 12, 2012

T A Moulton Barn in Autumn

There is an unwritten rule that if you consider yourself a photographer, advanced amateur or professional, and you find yourself near the Grand Teton National Park, you are required to photograph the barns on Mormon Row. I captured some that I was pretty happy with early this spring, but I was anxious to get back there this fall to get some leaves, especially fall colored leaves, on those tress. Here is what was probably my best result from the several shots I took.

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Stephanie said...

Love the light on the barn. Stunning.

黄清华 Wong Ching Wah said...

I bet if one calls himself a painter or artist, he or she will have to stop over to paint/sketch this barn ! ... I know I will eventhough I am not a painter nor pro-fotoperson !

cieldequimper said...

Absolutely gorgeous!

Sandy K. said...

You are right - the barns are wonderful subjects, with the mountains in the background. We were there a couple of summers ago and tried both early morning and late afternoon and got a few good shots out of the MANY we took:). Your image is stunning - well worth the trip in the fall! Thank you for sharing!

Sandra said...

so beautiful, i like the way the sun is painting that spectacular old barn with gold

Barefoot from Heaven said...

Those colors are breathtaking Scott. Seems a real gorgious place.
Can't wait whats next to come from your fall visit.
Happy weekend my friend.
Hugs Dagmar

Ari said...

Autumn is well suited to the landscape.

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Hi Scott, this is a stunner for sure and I am willing to bet that some of your rejects were also good, but you saved the best to share. Thanks!

maj said...

WOW!! For noen utrolig flotte bilder her inne på bloggen din. Du er veldig dyktig! Jeg følger bloggen din videre!!
Ha en fin kveld.
Klem fra Norge:))

Stephen Baird said...

scott, i was there the day you posted this photo. we may have been there at the same time based on the pocket of snow in the mountains. we went back the following week and there was a nice snow dusting on all the peaks.
i think we just missed each other by minutes.
nikonsniper steve

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