Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Polarizing Filter Comparison (Continued)

Linear Polarizing filter in non-polarizing position
Linear Polarizing filter in full polarizing position
Circular Polarizing filter in non-polarizing position

Circular Polarizing filter in full polarizing position
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Hello again my friends.

As promised in the previous post about comparing Circular Polarizing filters and the old Linear Polarizing filters that were used with film cameras, today we are looking at reflections.  Even though we are using a building and glass, you can expect very similar effects with water reflections.  The nice thing is you can actually see the results right in your viewfinder whether it is optical or electronic.

Since we are talking about comparing circular polarizing filters to linear polarizing filters on digital cameras I'll just let you know that all of these photos were taken with the same digital camera and the same lens.  The only difference was the filter, of course.

As you are looking at these images above, with the linear filter photos on top and the circular on the bottom,  notice, not only, the reflection off the skin of the building, but also the glass, both on the sunlit area and in the shadows on the far right.  It is pretty obvious that the circular filter really does a better job . . . but hold on because in a few days I'll tell you why I have one of each.

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Xavi said...

Welcome back Scott! Good to see you back blogging again.

joaquín said...

Glad to see you again

Tammie Lee said...

how fun to be experimenting like this!

Barefoot from Heaven said...

Hi there Scott, I think I must dissagree here with you buddy.
I do like the reflection of the sun in the building (#2) taken with the linear filter. But yea colorwise the Circular filter did a great job as does the shadows pop more.

Hmmm can't wait to hear more about this all.
I'm off doing grocery shopping (aha a womans life ;-)
Hugs Dagmar

Carolyn Ford said...

such an excellent comparison, thanks, Scott!

Sandra said...

Hi, sorry I have not been commenting. I saw your first post that you were back, but neglected to put your address in my Feedly. then this morning i saw your post by accident on my dashboard. you are now added. this filter makes a huge difference

Hilde said...

very interesting that polarizing filter. the blue color is so much deeper! great job! thanks for showing us.
hugs, Hilde

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