Monday, November 04, 2013

The Prodigal Returns

It has been almost a year since I declared the end of my blogging career and discontinued posting with the one exception of the "Alert" that I did in May.  I have been back a few times to visit some of my old blogging friends, and lately I've been missing it, so I've decided to stick my foot back in the door and see if I'm allowed in.  I will not be blogging every day and besides simply sharing a few photos I will probably use this blog space to pass on things I learn or have learned about photography and post processing.  I may put an occasional tutorial or experiment.  Maybe I'll even resurrect Sunset Sunday if there is any interest at all.

Today I'd like to share a little experiment with you dealing with Polarizing filters.  If you've ever shopped for a polarizing filter for your digital camera you've probably read or heard that you need a "Circular Polarizer" for digital cameras.  I read that before I bought mine and so naturally that is what I bought.  The other day I ran across a comment by a fellow photographer that piqued my interest because he asked the question do we really need "Circular Polarizers" or is that just a marketing ploy and "Linear Polarizers" will work just as well.  I thought about this and since I wanted to get a "Linear Polarizer" for another purpose that I will share with you another day I ordered one and did some tests.   I will leave the conclusions to you.

Note:  The Linear Polarizing photos were taken about 5 minutes later than the Circular Polarizing photos and you can see how much the cloud situation had changed.

Circular in Non-polarizing position
Circular in polarizing position

Linear in Non-polarizing position
Linear in polarizing position
As you probably know, polarizing filters do more than just alter the contrast in the sky, they also have a great effect on reflections. In the next day or two I'll show you the results of that test.

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George said...

Welcome back. I look forward to seeing the results of your test with reflections. I have a circular polarizer and didn't really consider an alternative.

Liz said...

It's great to see you back posting, Scott! I've missed your images. I've been a lot quieter myself with blogging most of this year but in the last few months I have been getting back into it.
This is a great post. I did buy myself a circular polarising filter at the recommendation of a photographer friend. And seeing your test, I'm glad I went for the circular one. I prefer the depth in the sky colour.

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

Yes,welcome back. I do not own a polarizing filter yet.I do think the circular one has a better effect.

Sinbad and I on the Loose said...

Thanks for letting me know you are back in the game Scott. Post when you feel like it; less pressure that way. I have a CF and should try to remember to use it more often. It looks to have performed a bit better in these examples.

Stephanie said...

Welcome back Scott! Good to see you back blogging again. I have the circular polarizer and never thought of the other kind you mentioned.

Rick said...

Thanks for dropping by today, Scott, and nice to not only hear from you but see you're back here. Have missed your posts, photos, insights, and sense of humor. Have also missed Sunset Sundays (although I did look at your great series on Flickr), and Phun Phridays.

I do have a CP but like other posters don't use it much (likely not enough). Look forward to the reflections results, and to your future posts.

Laura~Pretty Pix said...

Welcome back, Scott! I was actually thinking about you the other day and realized how much I missed your posts. Glad to have you back!
I use a circular polarizer, when I remember to that is.
Looking forward to more of your findings!

Sandra said...

welcome back, i don't use either of these, but there is definitely a difference...

Linda Gross said...

Welcome back, Scott! The circular filter appears to affect both the sky and ground, whereas the linear filter appears to affect only the sky. The effect of the circular filter appears more dramatic than the effect of the linear filter.

Barefoot from Heaven said...

Hi there Scott. well I'm gladd your back even it's on occasion. Just keep that foot between the dooropening and we'll be fine.
I for sure was waiting for you to come back home ;-)))

Well to answer your polar filter stuff here. I for sure like the #2 the best so why not use the circular one all the time? I'd say.

I'm longing to hear about it in your next tutorial about filters and what you have to say bout the linear one.

Hugs for now and have fun again in blogland.
xx Dagmar

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Hi Scott, welcome back and I too missed your posts even though I did not comment on all your awesome photos. Sometimes, it's hard to find time to blog and read all other blogs and leave comments. I too really enjoy blogging and thank you for your comment and stopping by. I recently redid our blog look and continue to work on it. Also, I am planning to do my own photo blog and will send you a link WHEN I finally do it. At least I already reserved a blog name and that's a start. Great to "see" you back and I will check in for your photo tips which are much appreciated, Scott.

darlin said...

Hi Scott, I didn't realize you'd come in the back door... I've been keeping my eye on the front door! :-) Welcome back, it's great to see a post from you again.

I didn't realized there are two different types of polarizers, now I'm curious which type I have. I know without a doubt they make a difference. Thank you for the heads up, now enough distractions and back to my studies... yes I continued on, crazy or what? lol

Have a wonderful weekend!

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