Saturday, August 09, 2014

The First

Click on photo to view enlarged.
I've been MIA.  It's been a crazy busy summer and almost two weeks ago I got a new Canon 6D.  I've been an Olympus user for several years but wanted to go full frame for some time now and since Olympus doesn't make one I decided to go either to Nikon or Canon and debated back and forth for a while and finally decided to go Canon.  One big deciding factor was all the problems Nikon had with the D600 and how they mishandled it.

I've spent the last two weeks learning and practicing and so far I'm loving it.  I still have a lot to learn about this particular camera so I can take full advantage of all the features and I look forward to getting back in the groove on the blog.

I took this photo this past Monday about 65 miles from my home while at a 3 day family reunion with my wife and most of our children and grandchildren.  I wish it had been all of them. 

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Ruth's Photo Blog said...

Something tells me that no matter which camera is in your hands,the pictures will be gorgeous.I just switched from Canon to the Olympus om-dE-1.It's been a learning experience but I do like the lighter weight. Have a great day.

Sandra said...

i don't like to drive but if i could drive 65 miles and see this guy i would go... he looks like he is smiling. you are right about the Camel club, on call instead of 6 calls. i love Baldacci..

George said...

This is a great portrait of the moose. I look forward to seeing many more pictures from your new camera. I've thought about switching to full frame, but for now I'm sticking with my Canon Rebel.

Lisa Gordon said...

This is a magnificent image of this beautiful creature, Scott.

A very big congratulations on your new camera!

Happy Sunday to you!

Grandma C said...

My husband uses a Nikon and is seeing features he likes in my Cannon now. lol
I love the moose shot! Such a handsome dude.

Syam said...

Lovely click. Congrats

Rick said...

Great capture, Scott! Is he munching on one of the sugar cubes you used to entice him into this pose ? ;>)

I made the switch to full frame 1-1/2 years ago (Canon, although my earlier DSLR was also Canon). Still discovering new things about it and haven't fully exploited its amazing focusing capabilities yet (5D MKIII).

Look forward to seeing many more great shots from you.

Rick said...

Oh btw - meant to mention that my last post was actually a sunrise (just minutes out of Buffalo, while still climbing). Thanks for your kind comment.

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