Friday, September 05, 2014

New Lens Test

Click on photos to view enlarged.
As many of you may know, I recently upgraded to full frame Canon by purchasing the Canon 6D.  I bought it with the kit including the EF 24-105mm lens, which, unlike many kit lenses, is a really quality lens, but I've learned in the past that sometimes, especially for landscape and night shots of the Milky Way, a really wide lens is nice but I didn't want to go clear to fisheye.  Today my new EF 16-35mm f/2.8 L II arrived and so I did some tests at the widest angles both inside and out.  Two of these shots are taken with the 24-105 set at 24mm and two with the 16-35 set at 16mm.  They were all originally shot in RAW and all I did was convert them to JPEG and reduce the size for publishing on the web.  On the indoor images you will see a pronounced color  shift between the two shots.  That is my fault, not the camera's or the lens's.  I left the interior light on in the warmer shot.  The other thing I was watching for on these was vignetting caused by the filter and/or the lens shade.  There does seem to be a little on the interior shots where the lenses were wide open.  I personally don't find it too objectionable because I often do a little vignetting in post as it helps keep the attention focused into the middle of the photo without the viewer even knowing that it is happening.  The child's shoe in the interior photos is what I used to put my center focus point on to get a true comparison.

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George said...

I think I would be very happy with either one of those lenses.

Rick said...

I'm a fan of wide - couldn't afford the 16-35mm L (since I max'd the budget on the body) but did get the 17-40mm L. I'm happy with it - have even earned a little money doing some interiors. It's the lens usually on my camera.

Now I'm saving my pennies for a good macro lens (sold my EF-S when I went to full frame).

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