Saturday, November 29, 2014

Good Morning Zion

Click on photo to view enlarged.
I was out of town visiting my daughter for Thanksgiving so I didn't get a post up, but I hope all my friends here in the U.S. had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  I know I did because I was with three of my children and their spouses and 11 of my grandchildren.  However, after Thanksgiving dinner I had to drive 9 hours to get home to go to work yesterday.  Oh well.  It's the last time, because one week from today is my last day at work.  I'm finally completely retiring!  WOO HOO!!!

This photo was one I took in Zion National Park early this month.  only about 1150 to go ;-)

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joaquín said...

A lovely landscape Scott

Hilde said...

Woow, again a great picture! wonderful landscape, wonderful colors, wonderful composition.
I believe you adjusted th photo in postproduction? what program and what tools do you use (if you want te reveal me your secret)? I like that kind of photos so much!!!!!
greetings, Hilde

Sandra said...

congratulations on your retirement. i have loved every minute of mine and so has bob, me for 8 years and Bob for 15.. now all we need is a cowboy in your beautiful photo...

Hilary said...

Another lovely photo, Scott. And congrats on the retirement. Now you'll have a lot more time to play with those pixels. We all win!

darlin said...

Scott your photo is stunning, just as stunning as I remember your shots to be. You do such amazing work!

Congrats on the retirement, just imagine all the PHUN you can have with your photos once you're finished working! :-)

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