Wednesday, March 04, 2015

Night Sky over the Tetons

Click on photo to view enlarged.

If you know the Tetons you know that there are now towns or anything else that could possibly produce light pollution for many many miles to the North and so I was perplexed by the red sky to the North. I am told that on that particular night the Northern Lights were seen much farther south than normal and so I have to assume that that is what we were seeing there.

I hope to be doing quite a bit of Night shooting in the future and am even attending a seminar by The Master of night photography, Mr. Royce Bair, this coming week. I've got A LOT to learn.

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Andy said...

I live in city lights so I have never seen the sky like this. It's awesome!

Jayne said...

Nice! Northern lights are amazing. Many years ago while living on the ranch, I was coming back from my 2AM check on the calving cows and as I rounded the barn, the northern sky was on fire with red....what a sight! I'll never forget it!!

Ruth Hiebert said...

Whatever it was that gave that light,you got an amazing picture.

Rick said...

Only saw the Tetons once, on our way to Yellowstone Park, Grand Canyon, etc but they deserved their name. Great capture of the night sky. I haven't seen the northern lights for quite some time (not far enough north I guess).

Perhaps you can share some useful tips from your seminar, Scott.

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