Thursday, December 03, 2015

My First Gallery Show

I am truly excited because I have finally got an opportunity to show some of my photography in a Gallery Show.  I haven't talked about it here on the blog because very few of my blog followers are local.  However I have decided to post the photos that I am showing.  Each of the photos will show exactly as they are in the show except that the two without the large white border are shown in frames in the Gallery.  I have duplicated them here in much smaller and lower quality files and have added a faint watermark to the actual image to discourage people using the photos without permission as they are copyrighted and not to be used or printed without my express written permission.

If you would like prints they are available (without the large white border and photo name).  Click here to be taken to the site where you can purchase them in almost any media you could want.  If you want an electronic copy, or you would like to get them with the white border as shown click here to email me.

The Gallery show is at the Historic Union Station in Ogden, Utah through the month of December 2015, with an Artist's Reception and Gallery Walk on Friday, December 4th from 6 to 8 pm.  There is no charge to attend.

But of course you can enjoy them all you want right here and as always, clicking on a photo enlarges it.  Some of these photos have been shared on this blog before, but I thought I would share them here in this format.

Sunrise on the Ogden, Utah LDS Temple

Sunburst over the Ogden, Utah LDS Temple

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Jim Peless said...

Wow...twelve bodacious photos in your first gallery show!.....that is awesome! .......I would be hard pressed to pick my favorite out of those twelve-seriously-they are that good....good luck on the show!

darlin said...

Scott this is fantastic, you take amazing photos and now to be showing in a gallery, well done... you definitely deserve this. I've always admired your work and one day I aspire to shoot at well as you do, or a close second! ;-)

John @ Sinbad and I on the Loose said...

Good luck with your show and hopefully it will get good reviews. I especially like the night time desert scene.

Laura~Pretty Pix said...

Truly beautiful captures...
Congratulations on your well deserved gallery showing!

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