Checking the Archives

I hope you don't delete your photos that just don't hit your hot button that particular day.  This one has been sitting on my hard drive for almost 6 years and for whatever reason it spoke to me today.  Maybe it's my age, maybe it's another photo I saw on line, maybe it's what I had for breakfast . . . maybe, maybe maybe.  The point is that I saw something when I took this shot; the obvious contrast between the fashion on the mannequins who are reaching out and the words in the window, versus this woman walking by with here pull cart and satchel  hanging around her neck looking in at them. Does she wish she could dress like that or thinking they look ridiculous?  Whatever it is, it captures a real moment of a real person just living their life and being a normal human being.

That's the kind of stuff I love and why I love Street Photography.  .

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