Friday, July 31, 2009


It has been my observation that most people feel the need to be creative. I know I do, and from the number of crafts blogs, blogs on how to create blogs, blogs about family with lots of photos, art blogs, etc. and just plain coming up with the creativity to post on a blog, I would say that most bloggers are creative people. I would also say there are a lot of creative people who don't blog, they're too busy creating in some other realm. My wife is an example. She loves to quilt and sew. She is very creative, and we've (our daughters and I) managed to get her to make one or two posts on a blog, but that is all. She reserves her creativity for the needle and cloth. Many people are very creative, but don't let their creativity out. That's too bad. What are they and we missing. Let your creativity out. Don't hide it any longer. Do something intentionally creative today and every day.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Television is Back

In late 2004, just before I left the company I was working for as an electronics salesman I got a really good deal on a 52" HD DLP television. (It was almost as inexpensive as you can buy the same TV new, now.) It's been a pretty good TV with some occasional problems such as the remote not working even with fresh batteries, or it just going out on you for a little while and you having to reset it by unplugging and basically, like a computer, rebooting it. Well about a month to five weeks ago it just went out. We called it in for repair and they had to take the "console" out and send it back to the factory. Fortunatly the manufacture repaired the console for free - I guess they had had a lot of trouble with this series - but I still had to pay the labor and postage to get it out, sent to the factory and put back in. Less money than a new TV though not a pleasure to pay. Anyway, it's back. Guess what. . . I didn't miss it. I probably won't watch it more than an hour or two in the next month. I think that is good.

Today's photo is O L D. I don't remember exactly, but I'll bet I took it in the 1970s. It was originally taken on slide film. I had scanned it in before but I was dissapointed in the results so I finally sent it and about 40 or so other old slides in, mine and my dad's, and had them professionally scanned. My opinion? Money well spent. I've got a hundred or so more to get in to them. Anyway, if I remember correctly these were taken within a mile or two of where I live now, but when I took them It seemed like I was driving way out in the country. The land I was on then is probably houses now and you'd be lucky to see much of a sunset without lifting 20 or so feet off the ground. I think taking pictures is a lot more fun and better for me than watching TV. Hope you enjoy.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Two for the Price of One

Two posts in one day? Well this isn't the first time that has happened. This post is mostly administrative in nature.

First, for everybody, How about letting me know what you think of the new layout. As I hinted in the last post this is a work in progress. What are your suggestions to make it better?

B. If you're on the email list you got an email earlier with only a subject. Let me give you a heads up on this getting-my-blog-by-email-thing. 1. I doubt if there has been one yet that I didn't go back and fix something in the post. But, you don't get the fixes all you get is the original, so I strongly recommend when you see an email from the blog instead of reading it, you just click on the link and go to it. If it is at least a couple hours or so after the original post you may see the final edited version.

Last: Did you catch the (intentional) inconsistencies in this post? (I will make a comment on my own post that will tell you the inconsistencies to see if you caught them.)


No. But close. I hope that I can remember to change it fairly regularly. I went through some of the photos that I took about a month ago in the mountains near our home. I found this one. I think it's kind of nice. The elevation at this point is about 6500 feet above sea level, give or take 500 feet.

The thought for today? The thought for today is that I've got to do a better job of remembering the thoughts I have as I'm out driving around or working in the yard or whatever. I sometimes think of things that I say to myself, I need to get that on my blog, then when I get to my blog. . . What was that I thought of??? Well, enjoy today's photo, and come back tomorrow. I may have remembered one of them by then.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

This Was Kind of Fun

As I was trying to make my blog page prettier I learned several things. One is that the background or side images, those images that actually appear outside the blog itself, look different on different computers depending on the screen resolution. However, in the process of learning that I was trying to put together an image that would reflect evenly on both sides. I took a photo that I had taken while visiting family up in Oregon lately and I cropped it and then flipped it and then joined them in the middle. What's amazing is what you see between the falls. I would love to hear your comments on what you see. In case you don't already know this, if you click on the image you'll see it full size on your screen so you can see more detail.

Friday, July 24, 2009

What's Important

I had my evening all planned out to work on fixing up this blog. After all that's pretty urgent. I just broke it a day or two ago and it needs fixing. Then my wife called. We've been invited to go over to our daughter and son-in-law's home and have dinner and a movie with them and play with our sweet granddaughter. I think it was just this morning or maybe yesterday I was listening to an audio book and the author talked about knowing what's urgent and knowing what's important and doing what's important. I knew that the blog would still be here tomorrow, and would still be just as fun to fix. But my family and that darling little granddaughter will be older tomorrow and maybe I wouldn't get to spend time with her again for a while. I'll take the visit to family over fixing this silly old blog anytime. I'm sure glad I did. Oh, and the meal was delicious too.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

What. . . Me Worry?

Do you worry? I try not to. I know it doesn't do any good, so I try not to. But I look at the state of the union and sometimes I can't help it. I look at our situation in Washington. I have no faith in our politicians. Read that as ZERO. I simply do not trust them. Sure there are honest ones. . . I think?. But even the honest hard working ones have to work within the system created over 200 years of negotiating and trading, and sometimes downright corruption. Anyway, that's maybe for another time and another place. As I was out in some of the most beautiful area in Utah yesterday morning and looking around at the peaceful, placid scenery, I got a warm feeling that said this is America, and we are Americans, and somehow with the kind of people we have out here living our lives and making it happen from day to day we will get through it. Times are hard right now, and maybe they'll get harder for a while, but we are us and together, with God's help, we can make life good again.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

I Feel Pretty

As I was looking at some photos today, my wife was looking over my shoulder and noticed one of our granddaughters in a very cute pose. She remarked about what a poser she is. I have to agree, she is a poser, in a good way. I said to my wife " I hope she thinks she's pretty." She is pretty, as are all my granddaughters, but not every girl, pretty or not, thinks she's pretty. Kind of reminds you of that children's story of The Ugly Duckling. Haven't you seen very pretty girls who didn't know they were pretty and end up married to some drunk, abusive loser because that is the best they think they can do and on the other hand you see some very plain looking girls and women who are very pleased with their appearance and have wonderful marriages and/or are very successful in their relationships and careers because they are confident. I'm also reminded of those pitiful women in their prime or beyond who dress and make-up as if they were still 20ish. If they only knew how sad they look to the outside world. . . A woman who knows she is beautiful to someone she loves or at least herself ages gracefully and beautifully.

If you are a parent of a girl make sure she knows how pretty she is. If you are a husband or boyfriend let that girl know how pretty she is to you. HEADS UP HUSBANDS AND BOYFRIENDS!!! It is not your job -EVER- to tell her what she needs to do to be pretty or prettier, she and her female friends and family will take care of that, if it needs taken care of. You watch. The prettier you make her feel, the prettier she will become.

Speaking of pretty. Girls certainly aren't the only pretty things in the world. Today's photo is of a beautiful animal. As I was driving across Oregon I noticed some cowboys, some horses and then, in what I thought was an ironic twist, some ATVs or 4 wheelers. I thought it was strange for cowboys to be riding ATVs to round up horses. I stopped and asked if I could snap a few photos of them while they were working with their horses. Turns out they were trying to round them up to shoe them. One in particular was not to anxious to be rounded up. When I got through taking my photos they were still trying.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

It's Been Too Long

In my last post I mentioned I was headed out on a trip to put the camera through it's paces. Well I've been on that trip and back - Back for nearly a week now - and although I have published a few photos on my Family blog I haven't done anything on this. Probably the primary reason I haven't done anything on this is because I think the same people read both of them. I would like to change that. I would like this to become a public blog - that was the original intention. In order for it to become a public blog I would absolutely love it if you would share this with your friends and family and then if they would share it with their friends and families, etc. etc. HOWEVER!!! based on the past few months postings why would you do that??? So, I am hereby committing myself (And this scares the stuffings out of me) to posting a personal thought and a photo every day (At least 5 days a week) beginning today.

I tried this a over a year ago and I tried to take a new photo every day for it. Well that didn't work. Life is too busy some days. So this time I'm going to try to take photos often, but I may post photos from today or 30 years ago. But I'll still post a photo.

I don't blame you if you test me out and watch for a few days before you start sharing this with family and friends, but I hope that I keep this worthy of your trust and sharing.

To a New Beginning

Thanks - Bull Rhino

Sunday, July 05, 2009

Hold on to Your Hats (or Caps)

Here it is. . . The very first photo from my new Olympus E-30 camera. We will be leaving for a trip to Oregon in a few days to visit our children their and we will definitely be putting this thing through it's paces on that trip. Last night, being independence day, we went to the fireworks show. Wouldn't you know that this thing has a special scene setting for fireworks, so I had to try it. Well I've got a lot to learn because every one came out blurry. I did have it on a tripod so it was not motion blur, it was out of focus. I'd been playing around with the focus settings, and it was total darkness out there so I think it was in manual focus mode, and not set on infinity. I'll do some more tests in the very near future. The Photo below . . . Photo #1 is not very exciting, it's just part of my office. After all I had to push the shutter button at some point didn't I?

Friday, July 03, 2009

It's Here

Watch for further developments!

It's an Exciting Day

I've just checked the UPS site again for the 273d time in the past two days. You see, I've got some pretty exciting packages coming in the brown truck today. As you've seen by the flower photos I've posted lately, I've been getting back into the photography more and more. I've even joined a site where I can sell my photographs and see and review others and get mine reviewed. I have been debating back and forth for a few months on whether to go to digital SLR or not and I had pretty well decided on the Nikon D90. Then I got an email about a new camera by Pentax, I think it was the K-7, that is just about to be released. I've been using a book about Photoshop CS4 to learn how to use that fantastic software better and I noticed a lot of his photos were taken on Olympus cameras. So happens my last 35mm film SLR was an Olympus and they are famous for the quality and sharpness of their Zuiko lenses. So I started looking at the Olympus' and reading every review I could get my hands on. One review site that I've found called Digital Photography Review has really in depth reviews including a lot of tests. They compare apples to apples on the different cameras and lenses and really give it a working over. Some of their reviews are over 20 pages long. After pulling up identical images taken with the Nikon D90 and the Olympus E-30 and zooming in on them with both of them side by side on my screen, I decided to go the little extra $$ and get the Olympus. While I was at it I went ahead and ordered the Zuiko 50mm Macro lens. I'm sure you know by now my love for macro. Another thing I like about the Olympus is the flip out viewfinder. The other day when I was up in the mountains taking photos with my current camera I found several things I wish I had. One was a smaller f-stop. My camera will only go down to F-8. Another was a flip out viewfinder so I could get at better angles. Don't get me wrong, my current camera is probably the best non-SLR on the market, dpreview will verify that, and I will really miss that 18 X optical zoom, and 8 megapixel plus is nothing to scoff at. But, I really want to get serious with my photography, and for that you really have to have an SLR. Right??? Here are a couple of the photos I took the other day. Obviously these were taken with my current camera as I have not received the new one yet.

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