The Case for Black and White

If you happened to look back a couple posts you may have noticed that I had already posted this one in black and white, which may have tipped you off to my preferences. 

I'm sure you've also noticed that almost all of my Street Photography is posted in black and white.  They're almost always originally shot in color, but then I convert them to B&W.

There are photos that simply work better for what I'm trying to show when posted in color.  I'll try to remember to make comments about that when I post color photos in future posts.

But for me, I generally like them better in monochrome.  I've selected this on as my example shot because, like most of my shots I'm looking for that "moment" of the expression on the face and in the eyes, however, I also want an interesting composition to put a little icing on the cake.

One of my favorite things about this shot is that they are almost out of the frame, which creates a feeling of action and suspense since the viewer cannot see what is in front of them, but they know a little of where they have already been.

In the case of this photo the man's plaid shirt against his camo pants and against here checkered jacket is very distracting to me in color, but is not nearly so noticeable in monochrome.  The bright colors of the lines in her jacket and the fact that they kind of match the colors of some of the words on the signs in the windows behind her are also distracting from what I want the viewer to notice.

The bottom line to me is that in this photo I want you to look at their facial expressions and I want the action and suspense as an underlying element and I feel like it works a lot better in B&W than it does in color.

I would love to hear your thoughts on it. 

Your comments and questions are always read and appreciated. Don't be shy, let me hear from you.

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