Planning and Research for the Trip Ahead - Continued (#3)

These boys were having a great time playing in the rain filled gutters

This is the third article in a series about Planning and Researching for photography on future travels.  Click here to see the first article.

The big trip is coming up, or maybe you’re still in the planning stages.  Either way, it may be like mine was and is one of those tour company escorted tours.  Your itinerary is pretty well set as far as where you will be when.  Or your friends or family have some ideas on where they want to be when.  In other words, this is not a photographic excursion that you get to set the schedule, but you want to get the most and the best that you can under the circumstance you have to work in.

In the second installment of this series, which you can see by clicking here, I talked about a spreadsheet that I set up to tell me where I was going to be and when (More details on that in a future post).  I also talked about finding out when the sun would be rising and setting and planning around those times.  I alluded to the fact that the sunrise might be even more important to know about than the sunset and here are some reasons why:
  • ·         The air is different in the morning, often cleaner as the pollution from the day has settled
  • ·         There is usually less or different kind of action on the streets in the morning      
  • ·         The temperature is definitely going to be different (but that could be good or bad)
  • ·         If you’re shooting wildlife the animal life is different in the morning
  • ·         There may be dew on the leaves and the grass
  • ·         It isn’t dinner or party time for family and friends

As you obviously know already, the Internet is a wonderful place to find anything you need including weather information.  If your trip is within the United States a good place to start is .  Another quick search found the site which seems to have pretty good data for almost any place in the world.  Of course you know how easy it is to search these days so try to find some other good sites.  If you haven’t set the dates yet , the weather information may be something you want to have to help you decide the best times to go. If you have set the dates, knowing the kind of weather you can expect is still very valuable.  

Now that you have found the types of weather you are likely to run into, including average temperatures, and the Sunrise and Sunset times you can better plan what you may need to take with you both in photography gear and in clothing including footwear.   

The sunrise, sunset, kinds of weather and temperatures you can expect are things you have no control over, other than to plan your trip for the best scenarios for your desired photos and prepare as well as possible.

In the next post I’ll begin discussing some of the more definitive planning you can do on stuff that you actually can control.

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