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I get lots of comments or remarks from friends and family when I see them and they tell me that they really enjoy seeing my photos.  Of course, as "an artist" I love hearing that.  Yesterday we received a thank you note in the mail for a wedding gift we had given and she commented that she really enjoys seeing my photos.  (OBTW, this person is a VERY talented illustrator who has even worked for Disney, so I was especially honored.)  I'm just enough of an egotist to kind of believe them.  But WHY do they love seeing my photos?  I'm hoping and striving for my photos to evoke some kind of emotion when viewed.  Sometimes it is just the thrill of seeing something truly beautiful.  Sometimes it reminds us of something that has happened to us.  Sometimes it's love, sometimes it's fear.  Sometimes just interest or curiosity.  Of course there are myriads of other thoughts or feelings it might evoke.  We all see lots of photos everyday but some we stop and look at and some we just pass by.  What is the difference?  Next time you are grabbed by a photo stop and look at it, try to analyze why it grabbed you.

Does your photo say something?  In other words, when the viewer sees the photo does it evoke a thought or, even better yet, an emotion or feeling?  If you can't see something in the photo that will bring a thought or emotion to your viewer, maybe you shouldn't post it.  I have thousands like that, and you probably do too.

I know what this shot says to me, what does it say to you?  

Your comments and questions are always read and appreciated. Let me hear from you.

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