Travel or Street, my first passion is people

When I get the opportunity to travel the pictures in my mind are much more of the people than of the beautiful sights.  Yes, I think of the sights to, the fall colors reflected in mirror like ponds of New England, The sun rising or setting over the red rocks of southern Utah, the sun bursting through the branches of the giant redwoods of California.  The wonderful waterfalls and majestic mountains of the world and the lighthouses found along the coasts.  But I'm a people watcher.

I am drawn to people living their lives, what I like to call humans just being human.  I am attracted to them doing their work, enjoying recreation, being families, being friends, cooking their food and creating. 

I was excited to see this young artisan creating this statue, which I believe is of Hindu origin, in a wood shop in Hoi An, Vietnam.  I loved looking at the detail in the hat of the figure and I loved that the many arms were not yet finished, but a work in progress.  

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  1. I like the part about never being too old to learn! And I’m with you......landscapes are lovely, but people are fascinating! I could sit in an airport, or hotel lobby, or mall, and people watch all day.


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