There are genres within genres, for example, one of the more popular genres in Street Photography is juxtaposition, where two different elements come together perfectly to create an image that is very meaningful, humorous, becomes an optical illusion or whatever.  

Yesterday I was continuing to go through my images from Vietnam when I ran across this one and laughed out loud.  I had seen it and even labeled it before, but had not really looked at it until then.  

This is in a tiny little family owned and operated rice vermicelli operation in a small village outside of Hanoi.  The lady on the left is smoothing out the vermicelli getting ready to lay it on the drying rack, while the other lady is bending over to get some more to do the same with.  

Obviously, this was not planned or even noticed when I snapped the shutter, just one of those funny things that happens if you take enough photo. 

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  1. Great shot for sure! Love that you are sharing these great street shots.


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